Life in Nestron

Tiny housing is a new way of living. And Nestron is the first complete answer for the unique market needs. In hand with technology, ecology, and safety standards.


Lower carbon footprint

Play your part towards a sustainable future. Living Tiny means fewer carbon emissions. The green-energy sources and water collection system reduce your carbon footprint to the minimum. Live for yourself and the earth.


Your Home Wherever Life Takes You

Moving to another city? Leave the good memories behind but not your home.

Save yourself from all the hassle of moving out of your old home and moving into a new one. Even as life constantly changes, you will have a home to stay in.


Be Debt Free

Own a compact, complete, comfortable, and clever Tiny House with a friendly budget. Save the money on bills and live free of mortgage pressure.


We envisioned a product that inherits the traditional housing characters yet visuals to be timeless, that was the spark of inspiration behind how Legend Series came to life. Featuring sharp clean lines with an edge and deep colors to compromise the design, 

Legend Series kept its visual of being sedate yet blending in to the natural surroundings. Grand French Windows are build-in to allow natural light flow, in the mean time working as a view finder allowing you to enjoy the landscape from your doorsteps. The warm interior colors applied creates a homey and welcoming atmosphere, L Series will make you love your home even more than ever.