Zip Paneling is a technical revolution in construction.

Zip Paneling will take the world of building and construction into the 21st century and beyond. The design and manufacture of this patented product has taken 12 years to perfect. It is built and tested to BSI, ISO and CE certification.
Our new and very eco-friendly product will help us meet our aim of having zero-carbon on all new houses, buildings, and refurbishments across the world. It is a technical revolution.
The key features of Zip Paneling:

Fully CE, ISO & BSI certified                                                                                        Easily cut to size                                                                                  

Fireproof                                                                                                                        Comes in block or panel form

Waterproof                                                                                                                   120 -  years life span

Insulated                                                                                                                       Green and eco friendly

Soundproof                                                                                                                  Light Weight

Mildew resistant                                                                                                          Structural Sound

Provides protection against Insects & vermin                                                     Zero carbon emissions

No more plasterboard                                                                                               Reduce construction time by 40 % 

No more mortar sand & cement on site

Zip Paneling is so versatile,  we use it in a number of Building Projects